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Multiple approaches, building west no.1 surface treatment industry

Time:2013-11-25     Klicks:2164

Multiple approaches, building west no.1 surface treatment industry

-- -- -- international (chongqing) surface treatment exhibition going smoothly, brand exhibition overall strength

More than 300 exhibitors; 10000 square meters exhibition area; 12000 people visit the procurement


Chongqing international surface treatment exhibition is scheduled for April 23-25, 2014 in chongqing international convention and exhibition center was held, this will be a great event of surface treatment industry in China. As a brand of the industry exhibition, guangzhou international surface treatment exhibition is outspread, organizers of the full integration of all resources, multiple approaches, building west no.1 surface treatment industry.

Enterprises participating enthusiastically, stars mountain city of chongqing

After National Day, the enterprise registration participation in busy season, the industry backbone enterprises are bullish on the southwest market, more favor in advance to arrange the booths. About 45% by the day, the booth has been sold out. Dirk, division and JieXi venter has (Ren former optimal ji), norilsk, Wagner, nordson, golden horse, fisher, ErQing research institute, ultra bond, hong and so on more than 100 surface treatment suppliers have determined the booth. Companies gathered, focusing on chongqing, bringing the latest technological equipment and product information, some companies will also borrow the exhibition gathering effect at a new conference and customer reception. With the exhibition in the whole advancement, there will be more and more excellent enterprise registration participation.

Buyer organization stereo comprehensive, electroplating park group purchasing add bright spots

International surface treatment exhibition after more than ten years of development, through the comprehensive promotion, accumulated the rich buyers information and media resources.

First of all, the important buyers to carry out the one-on-one invitation, such as changan, lifan, jialing, foxconn, acer, HP, etc will be on the form of group visit local enterprises by major users this exhibition;

Second, every day to collect market purchasing information for exhibitors to capture the potential customers, especially the purchasing information in the southwest, by the day, have 2117 actual purchasing demand users in enterprises, among them, the southwest market, 1427, the proportion of 70%.

In addition, international surface treatment exhibition held in chongqing in 2014, got the full support of the broad masses of media, now there are more than 80 domestic and international professional magazines, journals, websites to tracking reports show directory to see the exhibition's official website (media).

Finally, electroplating park group procurement will become a highlight of this exposition. Organizers of the first deep cooperation with chongqing and surrounding electroplating industrial park, the park extensive exhibition publicity, and made some progress, heavy reputation embellish surface engineering science and technology park, chongqing hao - chongqing electroplating environmental demonstration garden, the jiang, rongchang electroplating garden has centralized processing centers and organizers to reach a cooperation intention, will be carried out during campus of electroplating factory, coating factory to here to visit procurement, other electroplating industrial park in the further confirmation.

Authority meeting held the same period and BBS, reveal the brand overall strength

Exhibition is with exhibition, exhibition will promote the development of the concept, pay attention to improving the quality of the exhibition as a whole, and will be held during the same period the development of China's plating industry display, 2014 chongqing international academic BBS surface engineering technology, surface treatment of famous enterprises selection awards ceremony, paint coating industry association annual meeting in chongqing, Asia's surface treatment industry new product new technology promotes and 2014 international exhibition (chongqing) coating series of conferences and activities, with a broad range of influence to attract industry policy makers and business executives to participate in, brand exhibition overall strength.

Attend industry important meeting, exhibition information effectively

On September 13, 2013, surface engineering in sichuan and chongqing industry association sodality and technical seminars to be held in chengdu, guangdong intellectual exhibition exhibition co., LTD. General manager Mr Zhang to attend the meeting and speech, a detailed report of 2014 international (chongqing) surface treatment exhibition of all the work of preparation, the participants responded.

On October 24-26, 2013, in eight provinces and electroplating technology exchange meeting was held in chongqing, southwest conference hosted by electroplating industry association in chongqing, chongqing association of surface engineering, surface engineering industry association of chengdu, kunming association of electroplating, surface engineering branch of mechanical engineering institute in guizhou, guangxi surface engineering industry association, association of jingzhou electroplating and other association leadership and represents a total of about 200 people attended the meeting. 2014 international (chongqing) surface treatment exhibition organizing committee representatives attended the meeting, and set up special booths to effective promotion, exhibition participants interested in strong, full of expectation.

On October 21, 22, 2013, 2013 coating technology branch of China automotive engineering institute academic annual meeting held in changzhou, a total of car coating engineers, technical personnel from all over the country, nearly 600 people attended the meeting. The exhibition organizing committee on behalf of and interaction with the exchange of important people in the industry, the exhibition information spread widely in the automobile coating industry, the exhibition "invitation" beginning distributed to participants, all the representatives expressed great interest, the show will attend the exhibition.

Early, early benefit, enterprises find opportunity in advance

The chongqing exhibition to the exhibitors' early participation, and benefit plan, the enterprise registration participation, the organizers will through their official website, weibo, micro letter three platform free release information for the enterprise, at the same time, also will be sent to you by EDM (200000 accurate user enterprise data, based on the southwest market), the industry well-known media for free, will display the information immediately sent to the professional buyers, and send the result feedback in time, help the exhibitors for exhibition, a former trade opportunities, announced at the show's official website the first benefit of enterprise.


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