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Electroplating factory waste water straight line laying waste to environment three boss was sentenced

Time:2013-11-25     Klicks:2579

On June 17, ' 'for environmental pollution criminal judicial interpretation, refinement of pollution to the environment behavior. Yesterday morning, xiping county people's court to pollute the environment sentenced Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi, Sun Desheng prison terms ranging from 6 to 7 months, and all the fine 20000 yuan. This is after the judicial interpretation issued "projects", for the first time in our province sentenced environmental pollution case.

Three small boss, electroplating were convicted

After many trial, Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi and Sun Desheng opened illegally in the electroplating factory, finally "dust settled" : yesterday morning Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi, was sentenced to six months, Sun Desheng was sentenced to seven months, 3 small boss were punished in accordance with the 20000 yuan each.

'illegal small electroplating factory Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi, acid waste water discharge, the ZhuMaDianShi environmental testing station inspection and xiping county environmental protection bureau, iron content and 10.4 times, zinc content and 56.6 times; Sun Desheng electroplating factory, the discharge of acid wastewater in iron, zinc, chromium three indicators that go beyond national emission standard or authorization of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, formulate pollutants emission standards in more than three times. 'said the presiding judge Zhang Xinwei.

After court that the defendant Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi and Sun Desheng handle in the electroplating factory in violation of state regulations, illegally to land, water, discharge of harmful substances which cause serious damage to the environment of clear facts, evidence really, fully three behavior have been make crime of polluting the environment. Hence to its sentenced in accordance with the law.

'we earn, may prove a curse descendants of money. Obey the decision, not to appeal. 'the defendant Zhang Dajun, said wang jinxi received after the verdict.

'so, I take orally, after prison don't pollute the environment of evil things anymore. 'Sun Desheng tearfully.

'the two, three small boss of illegal small electroplating factory, open of wastewater are far more than' serious environment pollution index. "Xiping county people's court in accordance with the group of huang said. As of 21 in the evening, the national nearly hundred media glowed xiping, pay attention to the situation.

The presiding judge Zhang Xinwei said, the two cases, is our province since the 'projects' judicial interpretation, enter the first case of the judicial process.

Direct emissions, waste water get restless tens of thousands of villagers

Small Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi and Sun Desheng opened illegally electroplating factory in the east side of the silurian xiping county township small wangzhuang.

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter rushed to the scene, the two small illegal electroplating factory location is very remote location: small wangzhuang east 1000 meters MaiRen zhang village; Factory south belong to more than 500 meters away from the golden temple village, plant more than 500 meters north of Bai Zhuang village. Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi partnership run by illegal small electroplating factory with Sun Desheng electroplating factory, is in the midst of the four village land border position abandoned old factory building, far away from the village.

See a picture of all four village, the villagers to come, and hundreds of people gathered in a short time.

'used to have these two factory, send grandson to school every day. Because behind factory walls, there is a direct emissions of acid waste water holes, once fell into go died, always repeated replacement and worry every day. 'golden temple village, 73 - year - old zhang said the old woman.

'the ans here, previously the most afraid of the wind. South winds, golden temple in the village of thousands of people cough; The north wind, Bai Zhuang thousands of tears. 'points Zhang Lishi golden temple village, a 82 - year - old said: the two factory, get around four village day and night.

'two factory around 4 village, resident villagers tens of thousands of people; Fortunately, the two illegal electroplating factory) was promptly investigate and banned. 'the four rural village said: two 3 small factory boss was arrested, almost every family to buy firecrackers fireworks to celebrate.

Knowing that electroplating water hazards, in order to profit is still against the wind

21 afternoon, was sentenced to prison Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi and Sun Desheng 3 people, accepted our reporter an exclusive interview.

"Little plating, belong to the state's ban on" ShiWuXiao, relative to the small paper, although small electroplating wastewater discharge is less, but its emissions of sewage contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid, zinc and chromium. Electroplating water not only endanger the health of workers, without any processing wastewater are released into the field, seeping into the ground and cause serious damage to the soil, water and human health, belongs to the class of toxic pollutants set by the state. 'only primary school education Zhang Dajun good talk.

'my little electroplating factory cages, rabbit cage, two tons a day. 'said wang jinxi, factory have two hydrochloric acid pool, clear water reserviors and 8 electroplating pool, passivation pool. 'hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride, zinc block, etc., are all make a phone call from zhengzhou, zhoukou. '

'my little electroplating factory, all the way with Zhang Dajun, wang jinxi, so it is with the production, the products sell well in both, big profit. 'said Sun Desheng, the environmental protection department check strict, shut down during the day, at night.



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