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Castle peak steel board two enterprise sewage into China's pollution made in China

Time:2013-11-26     Klicks:2280

Zhejiang qingshan steel co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as 'green' steel) and zhejiang tai long steel pipe co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as tai long steel tube) is located in zhejiang qingtian small village sceneries. Qingshan steel part hillside holding group, is one of the castle peak steel board's six big group, and Thai tube steel tube is affiliated to the tai lang lang industry group, is one of the castle peak steel board subordinate six group, and qingshan steel and tai long steel tube of acidic wastewater discharge into the oujiang river.

Castle peak steel board chairman luminous thought, moral is the root of business conduct and corporate survival and development. He advocated by the castle peak ethics is 'positive', its essence is: correctly speaking, upright, vertical lines, are homo erectus, justice. But if he learned of the enterprise for many years of its drainage ceaseless, don't know what to feel.

'Our two factory here, the castle peak and tai lang, is a boss, is our investment promotion and capital introduction recruit come in here, to the later is the bald men - lawlessness. Sewage row casually, the government no matter, someone tell, epa also when not to hear.' Small village sceneries of the villagers told reporters.

'Since the qingshan steel moved, liver cancer, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, people more and more, the original here heard of people have cancer?' Although there is no direct evidence to prove that the villagers' cancer is associated with pollution, but is a small village sceneries stubbornly believe that there is a connection between.

According to reporter understanding, the local government for qingshan steel and tai lang learned pollution situation of steel pipe. Sue 'over the years, we don't know how many times, the villagers had organized protest to the environmental protection bureau and the county government, require steel rectification, stop pollution, in the end.'

Qingshan steel also has worked with small village sceneries signed the agreement is about to build a harmonious society, admit pollution facts, and promised to intensify the building of environmental protection. 'What's the use, deceive us these rural people.' Small village sceneries, told reporters after the agreement has been signed, the enterprise pollution still exists.

According to understand, castle peak steel board in overseas has nickel, still have a lot of investment in Indonesia, has achieved 'going out' as a private manufacturing enterprises, why will change the 'made in China' to 'pollution'in China?

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