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Surface treatment engineering technology in the industrial application is analysed

Time:2013-11-14     Klicks:2513

1, the background and significance

18th century industrial revolution makes the original manual technology based workshop handicraft industry gradually shift to machine big industry, industry separated from agriculture into an independent production department, and with the further development of science and technology, to the end of the 19th century to early 20th century, the industry has entered the phase of the development of modern industry, modern industry supported by metal industry, metal industry to build the foundation of large industrial system. It should be said that the metal materials technology development directly affects the solid industrial foundation, for national defense, production, construction, and the livelihood of the people is very important.

At the same time, we can also be found throughout society history development of human civilization and the progress of the society with metal materials is very close. Following the Stone Age of the Bronze Age, iron age, both in the application of metal materials for its remarkable sign of The Times. Modern, a wide variety of metal materials has become the important material basis for the development of human society. And the modern industrial civilization and progress of science and technology, demand for metal material performance is higher and higher and diversified development. So in addition to seek new materials metal material performance upgrade itself is also vital, and surface engineering in the metal industry undoubtedly has the efficacy of the ordinary for magical, promote the development of science and technology in the industrial system is thicker ink pen.

The definition of 2, surface treatment engineering

Surface treatment engineering is after surface pretreatment, through the surface coating/surface modification or surface composite processing. Change of solid metal or non-metal surface chemical composition, structure, morphology and stress state, etc., in order to obtain required surface performance of the system engineering. It is a classic surface process and the combination of modern technology and reproduction, developed. Have a solid scientific foundation, has obvious cross, the nature of the edge discipline and and strong practicality. Surface engineering in the following areas shows enormous role and vitality.

3, surface engineering application field

Using surface engineering technology, make the material surface is not get it and hope to have a special performance, and the surface layer is very thin, material very little, high cost performance, saving material and saving energy, reducing environmental pollution, is an important measure to realize the sustainable development of the material. Surface engineering specific applications can arrange as the following aspects:

MaTian really evening..

B) surface engineering is not only one of the important component and basic process of modern manufacturing technology, at the same time as the information technology, space technology, biological engineering, etc to provide technical support for the development of high and new technology, such as ion implantation semiconductor doping has become the core of the very large scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology, collection of integrated circuit. The tape. Laser disc. Television screens, computer integrated block on which all the surface modification, thin film or coating technology can be realized, the surface of the hip in biological engineering repair, with a high density polyethylene polymer plating on cobalt chromium alloy, 15-25 years of life, with hydroxyapatite particles with metal Ni deposition on stainless steel body, after implantation in the human body has a good biocompatibility. And as the head of a man-made satellite cone and wing leading edge, the temperature of the surface engineering a few red, or even 10000 degrees Celsius, the heat insulation coatings, fire retardant coating and ablation resistance coating compound to protect the collective metal, such as to ensure their normal operation.

C) with the development of surface engineering and science, the effect of surface engineering has further expanded, through special processing, according to the need to give the material and its products have insulation, conductive, flame retardant, infrared absorption and radiation protection, absorb sound waves, acoustic noise, stain resistance, and other special function, can also be used for the development of high-tech products to provide a series of new surface materials, such as diamond thin films, superconducting thin films, the nanometer multilayer film, nanometer powder, carbon 60 at the end of amorphous materials.

D) with the improvement of people's living standard and the development of engineering aesthetics, surface engineering in the surface of metal and non-metallic products adornment effect more notable and also get obvious development.

4, the main task of the surface engineering

Surface engineering applications and industries, but basic categories as follows:

A) improve the metal material to resist the ability of the environmental effects, such as improving material and its products corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, wear resistance, antifriction, lubrication and the fatigue resistance performance, and to prolong its service life.

B) to increase the surface of materials and their products, according to their needs, mechanical function, material and a variety of special functions, acousto-optic magnetoelectricity conversion and storage memory function: special new materials and manufacturing cladding sheet metal.

C) to increase the surface gloss of metal or nonmetal products color, texture, elegant appearance.

D) implement specific surface processing to manufacture components, parts and components, etc

E) repair the wear and tear or corrosion damage parts: save processing super bad products. Remanufacturing engineering

5, looking

Surface engineering, though kung fu is based on the surface, the effect of implementation is the overall performance of metallic materials to promote, in the future research of various materials on the surface of the failure mechanism and the application of surface engineering technology theoretical problem can also develop new surface engineering technology, such as the "surface and the overall" as a system, in modern surface engineering design, to obtain greater economic benefits.

Surface engineering can expand the application in non-metallic materials, non-metallic materials is characterized by low density, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, electrical insulation, not afraid, good stability and forming process is simple. Mainly include plastic, rubber, fiber, ceramic, quartz, polyethylene, PVC, organic glass, glass, etc., source is very extensive. On the science and technology and industrial production, non-metallic materials has been applied to more and more fields. Were it not for the metal material surface metallization was altered its not wear-resisting, not conductive, thermal conductivity, welding and variability characteristics of not easily, the application of nonmetallic will be more widely, can replace some of the metal material, and the performance is superior than metal products.

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