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Development of electroplating industry in China still needs to be integrated task is still arduous industry chain

Time:2013-11-14     Klicks:2580

Plating is a very important part in surface treatment industry chain branched chain, although in the whole industry chain, plating is one of the links, but it includes many aspects, including not only material, equipment, also including process, production process and so on. In today's China one of the problems in electroplating industry chain is the lack of integration, if we can it integrates the existing resources orderly system can greatly enhance the overall level of the electroplating industry with quality, and is helpful to achieve green and clean production standard.

The content of the industry consolidation involves a very wide range. If the integration of enterprises in the industrial chain to differ the location, can be divided into horizontal integration and vertical integration and hybrid integration of the three types. Horizontal consolidation is refers to the enterprises of the same type on the industrial chain, constraints to improve the concentration of enterprises, expand the market power, increase the control of market price, in order to gain the biggest profit. Vertical integration refers to the enterprise industry chain on longitudinal constraints imposed on upstream and downstream enterprises, to accept the integration or quasi contract, through the production or price control implement vertical industry profit maximization. Hybrid integration is also called diagonal integration, refers to the enterprise and the industry is closely related to the integration or constraint, it includes both the horizontal integration including vertical integration, is a combination of both.

Electroplating industry is a vertically integrated more commonly at present, this way of integration are more likely to reach a consensus. And horizontal consolidation itself is difficult, need multilateral negotiations in considerable scope, can achieve integration effect, but the horizontal consolidation is easier to achieve mutually beneficial win-win situation. In addition, we often see some people are so flush with cash invested in some projects or products, electroplating, however, due to its own technical strength and weak management, after running for a period of time, the problems, finally had to let professional enterprises from the aspects of equipment, process, technology and management to receive the production workshop, this is also a kind of integration.

Environmental protection has always been electroplating enterprise need to face a problem, and wastewater treatment and electroplating enterprise together both environmental protection and economy. But each electroplating enterprises make a sewage treatment plant, not only economically afford, but also do not have this ability. So should through consolidation, make more cooperation with sewage treatment industry, electroplating enterprises adopt the method of centralized processing. Such, electroplating enterprises can save a lot of trouble, with a relatively small cost can solve the problem of wastewater treatment. Such integration mode has been in a lot of electroplating industrial park, in a park, usually hundreds of companies in wastewater treatment were gathered together.

In general, successful integration can not only reduce costs, increase profits, but also can help enterprises to improve the quality of our products and enhance the level of technology management. In addition, the enterprise should also be possible in collaboration with customers, increase customer recognition, which makes integration effect more pronounced.

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