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Increased ouhai old factory building electroplating garden section to 'save' the development of new space

Time:2013-11-13     Klicks:2595

Industrial park, ouhai bonanza bags co., LTD., the original layer 3 old factory building was razed to the ground and on the site is under construction, is a new 6 factories. Chairman Huang Junyi told reporters after the new plant built, will be bigger than the original factory building area of 8000 square meters. And this expansion, fully benefit from the 'potentialities and land policies were introduced.

In recent years, ouhai 'potentialities and land-saving, speed up the industrial land secondary development. Part of the enterprises in the building indicators such as fire, gauge control standards under the premise of the floor, in the original floor directly Another part of the enterprise after the demolition of old factory building, fully integrate the park BianJiaoDe construction wider and higher new plants. So far, there have been 127 companies apply for building reconstruction. More than 30 enterprises already start construction, construction area of 158000 square meters. After the completion of all, the equivalent of new industrial land 200 mu.

'ouhai potentialities and land use, not only embodies in the secondary development of industrial land, and by' machine substitution, small garden construction methods such as maximizing the efficiency of land use. 'the pressure-state-response model via letter bureau Ye Yanguo said.

Electroplating industrial park focus ouhai right now is to build the small micro enterprise garden. Recently, 32 electroplating enterprises invested in the park's new 14 employee life center officially through the acceptance. 32 electroplating companies, this turned out to be spread across the ouhai 108 electroplating, small workshops, small business, not only the production efficiency is low, and the pollution is serious, the employee's life demand is unable to solve. The pressure-state-response model, using the regulation electroplating industry as a 108 electroplating enterprises integrate into 33, 32 moved into the electroplating industry park, the total area of 430 mu of reduced to 273 mu, and the output is nearly doubled, to 370 million yuan.

Wenzhou meifeng plating co., LTD. Before move in electroplating industrial park, had to rent three village industrial workshop. Move into the YuanHou, construction area of narrow from the original 6000 square meters to 3200 square meters, now capacity has increased nearly 80%. Chairman LiYiShou is introduced, the original electroplating enterprise mostly use simple plant in the countryside, because not put assembly line, production is given priority to with manual work, more efficiency of a bottleneck for a long time. Today, the park of the new plant completely according to the needs of electroplating industry design, each floor can be moved into line. Campus electroplating enterprises catch the opportunity of the space to expand, have introduced automatic assembly line, the average per mu yield could be improved by more than three times.

According to introducing, ouhai district plans to use three years time, mainly based on the original inefficient industrial district after dismantling after use, illegal building demolition recycling, development, the existing industrial park BianJiaoDe and measures such as flower arranging, up 3309 acres of industrial land, 9 complete construction of the small garden. Including industrial park, ouhai merchants regression CiHu sci-tech industrial park, fairy rock ceramic sanitary ware industrial park, ouhai medicine headquarter economy garden and so on four small micro garden will start construction in years.

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