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What are the application of surfactants in metal plating

Time:2013-11-13     Klicks:2659

In electroplating process, in order to improve the performance of electrolyte and improve the quality of coating, often need to add some additives, including surfactant is one of the main varieties, it has a smooth, shiny, diffusion, change the physical properties of the plating, acid mist escape inhibition.

Plating that is commonly used in surfactant peregal, OP emulsifier, sodium dodecyl sulfate, methylene double naphthalene sulfonic acid sodium, fluorine surfactants, fatty acid polyethylene oxide ester, polyethylene oxide castor oil, etc

1. The cleaning fluid before plating

Metal workpiece before electroplating, must first degreasing cleaning, make the surface clean, otherwise, the deposit on the surface with bad, serious when even without deposit

Oil on the surface of the workpiece with plant and animal oil and mineral oil type of plant and animal oils and fats can occur saponification reaction in alkaline solution, the formation of water soluble soap and glycerin and remove; And mineral oil or no oil saponification, can't make it with other chemical decomposition, need to use the role of surfactants can be removed from metal surface in the process of oil removal, surfactant molecules adsorbed on the oil first, and the solution of the boundary surface oil pollution in surface active agent and pro-oil base under the action of water base, coupled with the solution of the convection and mixing effect, gradually from the metal surface from into the solution, a tiny ball forming emulsion.

A typical carbon steel parts in addition to the oil formula:

Sodium hydroxide 20 ~ 30 g/L, trisodium phosphate 30 ~ 40 g/L, 30 ~ 40 g/L sodium carbonate, OP emulsifier 1 ~ 2 g/L, 30 ~ 50 ℃

When parts surface to remove oxide skin strong corrosion, corrosion in the process of produce all kinds of harmful gas, gas generated when to escape in acid mist, a great influence on the environment and equipment? If after adding a small amount of OP emulsifier pickling bath, the acid pickling solution surface can produce a layer of foam and prevent the escape of acid mist

2. The plating solution

When chrome plating current efficiency is very low (10% ~ 15%), and the use of insoluble lead anode, after electrify the poles to produce large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen, easy to produce harmful smoke chromic acid chromium fog pollution environment, endanger the health of operators, and the cause of equipment corrosion to inhibit the production of chromium mist, can add a small amount of whole halothane in chromium plating liquid ether sulfonate surfactant, form a layer of foam on the surface of in chromium plating solution, suppresses the chromium fog escape, ensure the health of operators, but also cut down the consumption of chromic acid.

Surfactants used in the electroplating process of electrodeposition plays a direct and indirect effect, the effect is the essence of organic compounds in the electrodes and the solution interface surface active role with the progress of science and technology, the application of surfactants in electrodeposition will pay attention to and develop further.

3. The application in corrosion protection and other aspects

For most metals, because of the influence of the surrounding medium, the metal surface will be subjected to corrosion by chemical or electrochemical changes according to the statistics, each year cost due to corrosion of metals and scrap metal equipment and materials about 30% of the yearly production to reduce metal corrosion, metal surface with a protective layer or change the nature of corrosive medium, to isolate the metal body direct contact with the surrounding environment besides the phosphating treatment, electroplating, and tu rust-proof oil etc.

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