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Aluminum surface treatment and building need to pay attention to the point

Time:2013-11-26     Klicks:2118

Building the structure of the aluminum is a kind of decorative material, in order to improve its adornment effect, enhance the corrosion resistance and extend the service life, in addition to the individual circumstances, should be after surface treatment. Surface treatment, therefore, become a indispensable important production building aluminum process. Surface treatment method are many, according to the different USES of materials with the corresponding surface treatment method.

The commercialization of the commonly used surface treatment methods are: anodic oxidation coloring, electrostatic powder spraying method, fluorine carbon spraying method, aluminum electrophoresis coating method, chemical coloring method, water grain processing method, etc.

Aluminum in the process of casting aluminum rod, aluminum rod internal chemical composition and organization have uneven phenomenon, internal residual stresses exist generally at the same time, to eliminate the residual stress of ingot casting, eliminate the chemical composition of ingot casting and organization of uneven, thus improving the pressure of the ingot casting processing manufaturability and products of some of the final performance, it is must to uniform the ingot casting, ingot homogenizing treatment is conducted in homogeneous furnace.

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