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The 26th annual China international surface treatment exhibition grand opening

Time:2013-11-25     Klicks:2430

26th session of the China international exhibition of surface treatment (SFCHINA2013) in the morning of November 20, 2013, in Shanghai new international expo center began. As the annual event, the exhibition attracted from 22 countries/regions more than 300 manufacturers, exhibitors will bring the audience the latest coating and electroplating products finishing process, technology and raw materials.

At present, in China, the world's largest surface treatment industry market, attracted the attention of colleagues around the world. China coating industry output value of tens of billions of dollars each year, electroplating industry output value is 100 billion yuan a year, fully show the domestic market potential of the surface treatment. With Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze river delta region, among them as manufacturing production and processing base, in recent years, automobile, home appliances, electrical and mechanical, electrical, steel, electronic information and the continued prosperity of building industry, further promote the huge market demand, surface treatment industry 2013 "China international surface treatment exhibition" Shanghai, a three-day exhibition, for visitors experience the full combination of exhibitors and exhibits, industry development trend and key market information, cutting-edge technology and coping strategies, establish and strengthen the network to build a good platform.


The 26th annual China international surface treatment exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center grand opening


        '2013 China industry information daquan, surface treatment industry volume' launching ceremony

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