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Acid copper intermediates in the research and application

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Acid copper intermediates in the research and application

Keywords: acid copper intermediates

Use the method of electrolytic metal deposition in the conductor (such as metal) or nonconductive (such as plastic, ceramic, glass fiber reinforced plastic) surface, thus improve its wear resistance, increase its electrical conductivity, and make it has corrosion resistance and decorative function. For surface non-conductor products, has been properly handle (treated with graphite, conductive coatings, electroless plating, coating processing) or bullishness of phase, after the formation of conductive layer, for plating. When plating, will be on the cathode of plating products, will meet at the anode of metal plating. The electrolyte is to use a solution containing the same as the anode metal ions. After electrify, anode dissolve into metal cations, gradually have equal number of metal ions in the solution on the cathode for electrons then precipitate on the surface plating products, forming metal coating. In nickel plating on the copper plate, for example, in aqueous solution containing nickel sulfate solution. After electrify, the anode nickel gradually dissolve into positive ions, and on the cathode copper plate surface are nickel precipitation.

Plating power source is ac power frequency transform into different voltage, frequency and waveform of dc equipment. Mainly used in thyristor rectifier "rectification" technology, both in the high frequency switch power supply "rectification" technology and application "inverter" technology. Electroplating power supply is mainly composed of main circuit and control circuit.

Main circuit mainly includes the main transformer, power rectifier device and some detection and protection, etc. The primary transformer in the electroplating power supply is cut ac power voltage for electroplating process required voltage value. Is used in the thyristor rectifier (50 hz) power frequency transformer, high frequency switching power supply is used in the high frequency transformer (10 ~ 50 KHZ). Detection device including voltage meter, current transformer, etc. Protection device is mainly used in over-current protection of power rectifier device.

Control circuit mainly includes the thyristor trigger control circuit and IGBT, the power of the soft start circuit, over current, over voltage protection circuit, power supply open phase protection circuit, etc.

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